What Is Penetration Testing?

You might think that your computer system is safe. Don’t be so confident as it might be vulnerable to a cyberattack.

Data shows that cyberattacks cause 43% of data breaches. Most victims are small businesses. The risk is real, so it’s important to evaluate one’s security.

One way to do this is through penetration testing. It should be part of every business’ data protection plan. Read on to learn more about this type of test.

What’s Penetration Testing?

A penetration test, or pen test, calls for the evaluation of a computer system. It’s a security exercise that’s simulated by an expert who conducts an attack on the system. The goal is to find and exploit vulnerabilities.

The vulnerabilities consist of weak spots. These are types of weaknesses that attackers like to take advantage of. The information gathered from the pen test can help improve the system’s security.

Performing the Penetration Test

A cyber-security expert can perform the test. The expert should be an outside contractor who has no prior knowledge of how the system is secured. As an ‘ethical hacker,’ the expert has permission to simulate a variety of attacks.

The access given to the expert will vary depending on the goals of the pen test. In an open-box pen test, the expert will have some information about the organization’s security info.

In a closed-box pen test, the expert will not have any background information. The organization will only provide the expert with the name of the company.

In a covert pen test, no one in the company will know that a pen test will take place. Even the company’s IT staff will not know about the test. Before conducting this type of test, the expert should have all details of the test in writing to avoid any legal issues.

An ethical hacker can focus on a company’s external-facing technology. This is known as the external pen test. In some cases, the hacker can perform the test from a remote location.

The Phases of Pen Testing

Penetration testing involves following a plan that consists of several phases. In the reconnaissance phase, the expert will focus on gathering information about the target.

The information can be gathered from both public and private sources. It’ll be used to determine how to attack the system.

The scanning phase involves using tools to examine the system for weaknesses. This includes looking for open services and application security issues.

The expert will then seek to gain access to the system. This can include attempting to steal data. It can also involve installing malware.

Experiencing a security breach can be costly. It’s best to be proactive by ensuring you have a good defense. Click for cyber security solutions to find out how you can protect your computer system.

Using Penetration Testing

Cyber security solutions call for the use of penetration testing. This involves evaluating computer systems for weaknesses. The findings of this test can help protect your computer systems.

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