The Latest Advancements in Automatic Sampler Technology

Automation is here to stay if you judge the impact it’s having on so many industries.

On the corporate side, a 2021 study showed that 45% of teams used automation to make their businesses more productive and efficient. Another study showed that 83% of workers in the United States are stressed, which could stem from poor systems of communication.

Inefficiencies in workflows and communication are detrimental to laboratory settings. Perhaps this is why automation is also having a large impact on the way samples are created.

The automatic sampler brings the benefits of automation to laboratories, which can make these workplaces far more productive, safe, and accurate.

Read on to learn how the evolution of these samplers is making a difference.

Automation Equals Efficiency

An automatic sampler brings efficiency to your laboratory first and foremost. It immediately cuts out wasted time and resources and removes human error.

This will protect your samples from contamination and can give you more accurate results. When your laboratory is more efficient, it’s also safer. The workers that you employ will be less likely to deal with contamination or other dangers when automatic samplers are put to work.

You’ll be able to eliminate testing bias, sampling bias, and other issues that can damage the results that you get.

Speed Lets Laboratories Do More

These machines also bring speed to your laboratory. You can run them as needed and count on them to correctly go through the processes at a rapid pace.

This uptick in speed can make it easier for you to ramp up productivity. As a result, your laboratory, food processing business, manufacturing plant, or related business can take on more work.

They Handle All Kinds of Samples

Versatility is everything when you’re making upgrades to your laboratory. Automated sampler technology is able to tackle all sorts of materials.

These testing supplies can accommodate flakes, pellets, granules, grains, powders, seeds, and other kinds of samples. The ability to test and collect all of these different types of samples without having to make sweeping changes lets you trust the machinery and use it as needed.

It Helps You Stick to Protocols

Industries that collect and test samples are also bound by certain protocols. Some of these are laws, while others are protocols specific to their industry.

For example, laboratories have to follow specific steps when testing materials. This dictates how samples are collected, the amount, how they are stored, and what validates or invalidates results.

Today’s automatic sampler technology is made to account for these sorts of protocols. By doing your testing in this way, you will remain in compliance with your governing body and will maintain authority as a company.

These Systems Are Easier to Clean

Another automatic sampler investment is that these systems are easy to clean. When you’re staffing several laboratory workers to do the same job, more of a mess is created. This mess takes a lot of labor and supplies to thoroughly and correctly clean up.

With the automatic sampler, cleaning issues are non-existent. These systems have their own cleaning mechanisms that get the job done quickly and correctly. Not only will your materials be cleaner, but they’ll be quickly sanitized and ready for further testing.

Your company relies on this level of sanitization to prevent cross-contamination and other problems. It’s a foundational aspect of your company that will protect your results and help you operate with full transparency.

The Upgrade Is Cost-Effective

Upgrading to autosampler technology is also excellent for your company’s bottom line. Automation cuts out the amount of manpower that you need to run testing. This alone will help you cut down on the money that you spend to get the same results.

This type of machinery can be used around the clock, so you also do away with different staffing limitations. You can also overcome issues related to weather, the economy, or outside events that might make it difficult to have large numbers of workers in your building on any given day.

The sampler also makes your results reproducible and representative. This again doubles down on helping your lab to be accurate and trusted, which is essential for its long-term success.

The Technology Serves Multiple Industries

The automatic sampler is also flexible when it comes to the types of industries that use it. You will find this technology in everything from DNA and disease testing labs to food processing and manufacturing plants.

It’s built to be useful and scalable and will help you get results even when it’s unattended. This makes it an attractive option for professionals in so many different industries.

It’s User-Friendly

Perhaps most importantly, the automated sampler is user-friendly technology. It doesn’t require extensive training or expertise to learn how to operate it.

Once you get up and running, you will also learn how to interpret and use the results however you need to. The user-friendliness of this technology is why so many different industries are adopting it.

If you’re hoping to use it in your building, you must do some research into the specific model that you’re thinking of purchasing.

You can check here for more information related to these samplers:

Embrace Automatic Sampler Advantages

When you’re working with an automatic sampler, you’re better able to take your laboratory or manufacturing business to the next level. Arm yourself with the technology that you need once you’ve done enough research.

Keep these suggestions in mind and rely on our website for more tips on collecting the best samples.

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