How Workplace Technology Is Changing the Game

A recent survey found that roughly half of all businesses feel that they have fallen behind the technological curve. With such rapid changes in the technology sector, it’s not hard to imagine that many businesses can’t keep up.

Do you need to invest in every shift in tech to maintain your company’s relevance and competitiveness? Not exactly.

What is important is understanding the evolution of workplace technology. By staying in the know, you can make the changes that are most beneficial to your industry.

Ready to get up to date on the latest tech trends? Read on to discover how technology is changing the game for today’s workforce.


It’s hard to believe that there was once a time when coworkers and employers couldn’t communicate without access to a landline. Smart technology has changed everything. The line of communication is open at all times no matter where you are in the world.

The shift toward app-based technology, in particular, has enabled streamlined and secure communication. Closed-group chat and video conferencing apps have gained the most traction for both internal and B2B conversations and meetings. This efficiency in communication can improve productivity overall.


No matter how big or small your business is, organization is crucial. As a business owner, you need access to the documents and information you’re looking for at all times. That means that everything should be accessible to you in one place, and that place needs easy navigability.

SharePoint Intranet Design is a great example of modern business tech that has a strong ripple effect. Not only does it have a clean and branded design but it also creates an easy-to-follow system of information. From communication about a project to your most recent quarterly reports, you can find everything with ease thanks to modern workplace software.


The discussion of workplace technology often centers around what we might call office technology. However, technology is making waves in production and warehousing, too. The key is automation.

Automation, in this sense, is a form of robotics. Today’s robotics are capable of operating assembly lines, breaking and sorting pallets, navigating warehouses, and even packing orders. With the right tools, you can reduce order fulfillment errors and free up your workers for other areas of operation.

Customer Service

Artificial intelligence isn’t just changing internal operations. It’s also changing the way that businesses can help their customers every step of the way. AI can assist with everything from finding the right product or service to tracking orders to reporting issues.

AI still can’t beat the personalization of a customer representative. However, sophisticated chatbots can take over menial and after-hours tasks. By taking over the front line of customer service, AI can free up your customer representatives to spend more time addressing complex needs and issues.


In the early decades of internet usage, data theft was a major concern. Even in recent years, malware and other viruses have wreaked havoc on corporate data. This can raise concerns for business owners who have yet to transition to a cloud-based storage system, though cloud storage is undeniably useful otherwise.

Fortunately, cybersecurity has made serious progress in recent years. With proper protection, you don’t have to worry about data mining or file loss. The key is to make sure that you’re using business software with automated encryption and backup files. Partner with an IT specialist to make sure that your business is protected from digital predators.

Cost Management

Naturally, today’s business owners are interested in cutting costs. In fact, this is why many companies have fallen behind on the latest technology. Making a major upfront investment does raise concerns, especially if your business is new.

However, workplace technology can cut costs over time. For example, the right software can track costs to see where you’re overspending and where to cut costs. Technology can also reduce risk and error, eliminating two major sources of financial loss.


We live in a world where digital marketing is king. It only makes sense that technology can improve the way that you approach digital marketing. You can start by tracking the way customers navigate your website to see what they’re looking for and how to guide them to the right products and services.

Technology can also help you find and target the exact market your business is geared towards. Without using technology to target your audience, your marketing efforts are only accomplishing a fraction of what they could.

Remote Work

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic created new workplace problems that led to innovative solutions. One of the most lasting changes was the shift to remote work. In fact, about one-third of workers who have the option of working from now do so full-time.

Technology has been central in making remote work a feasible option. From timeclock trackers to secure cloud storage, remote work technology allows remote teams to transform their home computers into full offices. It also allows supervisors to monitor productivity from afar.

Upgrade Your Workplace Technology

It’s undeniable that technology is improving at a rapid pace and making waves in the business world. With the right workplace technology, you can improve your productivity, cut costs, and maintain your competitive edge in the coming years. Use this guide to assess whether or not you’re making the most of today’s available business tech.

How can you stay on top of the latest business news and industry changes? Stick around for our ongoing coverage on this blog. We report on everything from marketing trends to global financial news to technology and you won’t want to miss it.

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