What Are the Benefits of Data Center Managed Services?

If you are an American business, watch out. Cyber attacks across the globe target the U.S. 46% of the time.

Hackers are pulling off high-level ransomware attacks on a daily basis. American businesses lose millions of dollars every year due to extortion from cyber attacks–and that doesn’t even include other damages. Now more than ever, you need data center managed services.

Outsourcing your business data management means allowing a third-party security firm to handle cyber security. What are the advantages of giving them the reins on your data services?

Let’s discuss the benefits you stand to gain from an outsourced data server system.

Data Center Managed Services Improve Security

Everything exists in the cloud these days. Companies can no longer afford to make security a secondary priority. Allowing a professional data production team to handle their proprietary bits and bytes is a must.

Benefits include e2e data transfer and 256-AES standard encryption. They include advanced AI-enabled filtering and proactive internal security management. Most importantly, you get a 24/7 team at your beck and call during critical moments.

Learn more on san storage solutions if you are considering a virtual provider.

They Improve Scalability

There’s no telling where your business will be five years down the road. For all you know, you could have a boom year. In a short period of time, your business may outgrow your IT capabilities.

Having scalable third-party services leaves the scaling to someone else. There are no costly hardware upgrades. No rush to build a brand new IT team to handle evolving responsibilities.

If you tell your business data management services you need more manpower/computer power, they snap their fingers, and it’s done. They have resources in reserve. This gives them the unique capability to quickly pivot to providing you with more as needed.

They Mitigate Downtime

Downtime is incredibly problematic in the digital age. It’s like turning off the faucet on your revenue stream. Every second your critical data services are offline, you are losing customer faith–and therefore money.

Reducing downtime to the absolute minimum is critical. That’s what a data production team does best for you. They strategize and anticipate, preparing for a rainy day–whatever that day may look like.

They Keep You under Budget

IT teams are obscenely expensive. Not only are their salaries incredibly high, but they also use a revolving door of costly software and hardware. When the bill comes at the end of a busy month, it might put the CEO on a rice and salt diet.

Managed services are great for one reason above all else: a consistent price. Once you sign on for a pricing structure option, that’s the price you get. There are no unanticipated costs–making budgeting and accounting much easier.

Outsource Your Data Management Today

Data center managed services take the toil and cost of an IT team on their shoulders for you. They provide unparalleled security, help you scale your business, and reduce downtime. Most importantly, they provide predictable pricing models to keep you within your budget.

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