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How to Start a Career in Medical Billing and Coding

With jobs in medical billing and coding will grow seven percent by 2031, are you ready to start a new career? Medical coding and billing professionals are essential to keeping the healthcare industry afloat. A medical biller and medical coder manages electronic healthcare records.

You start a career in this field by understanding the job requirements, completing training, and earning certifications. You must then look for a position in the industry!

Here’s more on beginning a career in medical billing and coding.

Understanding the Job Requirements

A medical coding and billing career requires you to understand the basics of the field to work independently and with a team.

Mastering these skills ensures you will have a successful career working for a medical billing company.

Billing Practices

Medical billing requires healthcare companies to submit insurance claims for payment. You must know what to look for in each claim to ensure the proper payment is complete.

Getting it right in the medical billing field means ensuring the healthcare company doesn’t overbill the insurance company.

In addition, you must adhere to the highest ethical standards.

Medical Codes

There are thousands of codes you must know as a medical coder. In medical coding, each medical condition or procedure gets a code.

Medical coding requires you to document the medical conditions of a patient properly.

Government Regulations

You must follow government regulations in the medical billing and medical billing industry. Most importantly, you must abide by HIPPA, which keeps medical records private.

These rules are in addition to the already established rules of running a business.


Moreover, you should grasp management skills if you want to further your career. Being a leader in your industry might also require you to join professional organizations.

Networking with colleagues is also an excellent way to advance your career.

Completing Training

There are plenty of places to find the necessary classes and training for a medical billing and coding career. On average, it will take you between four and 15 months to complete your training.


Before you begin your search, knowing how much it will cost you to complete the program is essential. Discuss the cost with the educational provider.

In addition, don’t forget about books, fees, and materials.


Are you the type of student that learns best ‘in class?’ Many people enjoy the classroom experience. Education institutions across your area offer in-person instruction for medical billing and coding careers.

You will meet with instructors one-on-one and become colleagues with your fellow classmates. Questions get asked in person, not through email.


Perhaps you need the flexibility of the online format. You might prefer to work at your own pace and from the comfort of your home.

Busy parents or those taking care of elderly parents might find this a great educational choice.

Plenty of accredited schools across the country offer courses in medical billing and folding. Do you live in a rural area that limits your access to a good education? An online program gives you the best program right from your home.

Certification Exams

The Certified Professional Coder (CPC) certification is one of the popular certification exams in the industry. The American Academy of Professional Coders offers it, which is the industry’s gold standard.

The exam tests your knowledge of how to bill and code. It also gives you several scenarios and case studies.

You can take the exam online or at a testing center.

You can take other exams, including the Certified Coding Associate exam and the Certified Billing and Coding Specialist exam.

Much depends on where you plan to work in the industry. You must choose what exams are best for you.

Job Search

Thousands of jobs are available each year in the medical billing and medical coding industry. Jobs exist in person and online.

Use industry websites and professional organizations to help in your job search.

Interview Coaching

Do you not do well during an interview? Do you clam up and get nervous when speaking about your abilities?

Interview coaching can help!

A professional career coach can prepare you for a job interview. They will ask questions about your background and experience. A coach will help you answer interview questions that show your best assets to an employer.

When you don’t do well, a coach will help you improve. They will work with you to help you answer questions correctly and avoid interview pitfalls.

You will give yourself peace of mind when you work with a professional coach. They will answer your questions and help you put your best foot forward during the interview process.

Where to Look

Looking for a job is exhausting. You must determine what employers are the best and who offers a good salary and consider the benefits.

A professional can help you navigate job sites and career placement offices.

Resume Building

A rusty resume can be a significant obstacle in getting the desired salary and job you deserve! Clumsy things such as spelling and punctuation errors may force an employer to eliminate you from consideration.

A good resume highlights your work and educational experience. You could have the best of both, but failing to highlight them in the proper wait hinders getting you a job.

Let’s face it – you just completed months of medical billing and coding training. Do you have the knowledge and the skills to create the best resume? Allow a professional who works with medical billers to do the work for you!

Getting Started With a Career in Medical Billing and Coding

Things to know to start your medical billing and coding career include understanding the job requirements and completing training. You must also prepare for certification exams and then look for a position.

Following these steps will put you well on your way to securing a position in the medical billing and coding industry!

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