Your Guide to the Latest Restaurant Technologies

Experts forecast the U.S. restaurant industry’s sales to reach $997 billion this 2023. They also project it to create 500,000 new jobs that, if filled, would bring the total employment to 15.5 million.

Those figures show how the restaurant industry is once again booming after Covid. Still, many experts say the pandemic may have permanently changed it.

One such change is that it fueled the adoption of restaurant technologies. However, these innovations are no longer just a thing of the pandemic; they’re here to stay.

As a restaurateur (or soon-to-be one), it’s best you use these technologies to keep up with demand. They can make your and your staff members’ lives easier, too. Their integration can also help attract new customers and keep existing ones loyal.

So without further ado, here are the top technologies to consider for your restaurant.

Tablet Ordering System

A tablet ordering system can display menus and take orders. Your front-end staff can use them, or you can put them on tables to let diners place and pay for orders themselves.

With this restaurant technology, your front-end staff no longer needs paper or pens. Customers don’t have to wait for an available server to place orders. It’s also an excellent method for diners who wish to minimize contact time with others.

This ordering system includes tablets connected to your point of sale (POS) system. This allows real-time processing of sales and receipts.

The tablets also link to display screens in the back end. So as soon as someone places an order, it should queue up in the kitchen’s to-do list.

Your kitchen staff can then prepare orders as soon as they come up. They no longer have to wait for front-end staff to run to the kitchen and tell them what to make.

To top it off, the system’s tablets can do more than take orders; they can also be a source of entertainment. For instance, you can download and install e-magazines or games on tabletop devices. Customers can then enjoy them as they wait for their food and drinks.

Contactless Payments

In a 2022 Pew study, 41% of polled Americans said they don’t use cash for their purchases in a typical week. That’s a considerable 12% jump from the 29% of U.S. consumers who said the same in 2018.

The same survey revealed that 42% of Americans don’t worry much about having cash on hand. Their reason was that they could pay using other methods.

Those other methods include debit and credit cards, mobile wallets, and even smartwatches.

So it’s no wonder the latest restaurant technology trends now include contactless payments. By adopting these, you can let diners settle their orders without requiring them to pay cash.

Brand-Specific Ordering Apps

A report found that from April 2021 to March 2022, food and drink app downloads reached 1.7 billion. It also noted how time spent on these programs grew by 65%.

That should tell you how vital it is for your restaurant to have a mobile app. This lets consumers order anytime, anywhere, using only their smartphones or tablets.

If your business is new, you can have an established food delivery service app host it. This can help spread awareness about your brand. However, once you have a loyal following, consider getting a pro to create and design a branded app.

With a branded ordering app, you don’t have to worry about competitors on the same platform. Your app users will only see your restaurant and its offers.

Artificial Intelligence-Powered Tools

Implementing AI in your restaurant can help you save and use time more efficiently. This can then lead to increased restaurant profits and less resource waste.

For instance, an AI-based inventory system can crunch the numbers for you. It can tell you the ingredients you’re running low on and even order them. It can also notify you about potential demand by analyzing previous orders.

Since you no longer have to do those tasks yourself, it frees up time you can use for other core activities. These include what you excel in, such as creating unique and delicious dishes.

Another benefit of using an AI-powered inventory system is that it can help reduce food waste. Since it can forecast demand, it can give you insights into which dishes don’t sell as much. You can then minimize the need to order ingredients for these meals.

AI scheduling tools can also help boost efficiency by analyzing your staff schedules. It can study previous trends to help ensure you always have enough people on deck. This is especially vital during peak seasons, such as holidays and weekends.

You should also consider adding an AI-powered chatbot to your ordering app. This allows customers who need support to get the help they need for simple issues faster. For more complex problems, the bot can hand off the matter to you or another staff.

Digital Loyalty Programs

To make your ordering app stand out even more, tie it with a digital loyalty program. You can use software specifically designed to help you create such perks.

A good enough reason to implement a loyalty program is to attract more customers. Worldwide, 56% of consumers said they’re more likely to work with a brand offering such. Of these folks, 61% said they would use them more if applied automatically.

A digital loyalty program embedded into your ordering app can automate those perks. This makes discounts and other deals easier for consumers to use.

You can also use loyalty software to generate personalized discounts. For example, it can create coupons for customers celebrating birthdays or anniversaries. The software can also automatically send users emails regarding these deals.

Increase Profits With These Restaurant Technologies

From tablet systems to AI tools, restaurant technologies are now vital to F&B businesses. Using them can boost customer experience, make patrons loyal, and cut staff workloads. All that can then help your establishment generate more profits.

So, as early as now, explore these innovations to see which works best. Then, implement them ASAP; the sooner you do, the sooner you can attract more diners.

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