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Working at Sea: Popular Marine Jobs, and How to Break Into the Industry

There are over a million people working at sea. The marine industry has become a popular one. It’s lucrative, depending on your field.

Most maritime jobs come with a generous benefits package. It can fulfill your sense of adventure, and there’s plenty of opportunity to move up if you choose to. If you decide to leave the industry, your skills will be easily transferable.

The question is, what are the highest-paying marine jobs and how do you break into the industry? We’ve got all the answers you seek. Check out this guide to learn how to polish your resume and pursue the job of your dreams at sea.

Ship Charterer

A ship charter is an agreement between a shipowner and a cargo owner. The cargo owner rents the ship so that they may transport their goods.

The Charterer plays a crucial role in this agreement. They organize the shipment of goods and plan out the travel route. Most ship charterers make almost $100,000 a year.

Navel Engineering

As the name suggests, navel engineers work on navel ships. They’re responsible for the complex design of the vessels.

They also maintain the boats, and take care of the electrical and mechanical systems that keep them going.

Like ship charterers, navel engineers make about $100,000 a year. Give or take.

Ship Captain

Ship captains have the most important job on a boat. They’re in charge of all operations. The safety of everyone onboard is in their hands.

They navigate ships through tricky waters, manage the cargo, and assign duties to the crew. They ensure that their vessel complies with all international and local laws.

This level of responsibility comes with a high paycheck. They can easily make almost $12,000 a month.

Securing Marine Jobs

If you’re not sure if a job in the maritime industry is for you, the best thing you can do is test things out. Get an entry-level job out on the water.

Keep in mind that without the proper certifications, the only jobs you’ll qualify for will be on smaller vessels that stick close to the shore.

If you’re deadset on maritime careers after your time on the smaller boat, the next step is to click for shipyard training courses and complete your education.

You’ll learn everything you need to know about working on a boat. Most programs will also help you earn your certification and even assist you in finding a job.

It will be a while before you work your way up to captain, but if you play your cards right, you won’t stay a simple crew member forever.

Get Ready for an Exciting Career at Sea

Marine jobs come with high pay, career security, and competitive benefits. If you think a life at sea is right for you, it’s recommended to spend some time on a smaller vessel to test things out.

From there, you can enroll in a program, obtain your certification, and pursue one of the lucrative careers on this list.

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