5 Effective Types of Product Display Stands For Making More Sales

Did you know that proper product display in grocery stores can increase the sale of an item by 420%? This doesn’t just apply to supermarkets either as displays help customers find what they are looking for and make items seem more appealing in any retail environment.

If you want to increase your retail revenue, then adding or switching out your product display stands may be all you need.

Start with these top 5 displays to get your products off the shelves.

What Is a Product Display Stand?

If you are wondering how to display products at your shop then your answer may be in product display stands. These are the structures that, not only hold your products but also are the mechanisms that present products to customers.

Product display stands also act as an advertisement. Often they tell the customer about your merchandise or show them, in simple terms, why they may require this item.

Top Five Product Display Stands

The importance of product display stands for your particular store can’t be understated because not all stands are unlike or equally effective. You want to choose a display option that fits your store’s theme, layout, and product type. Read this list of the top product display solutions to see which one works for your business.

1. Multi-Product Displays

There are many ways to display products, however, the best ones cater to the shopper’s experience. A multi-product display can help your customer pair necessary items by placing them on the same stand.

2. Immersive Displays

An effective custom product display immerses the customer into a particular environment that supports the product. By allowing the shopper to use the product in a relatable environment, they can feel what it is like to own the item before they buy it.

3. Interactive Displays

The best product display stands allow the customer to hold the item in their hands. But, to take this a step further, you want a display that helps them use the product as well. For example, if you are selling a toolset, then having a mock workbench for customers to hammer nails or tighten bolts with a wrench will help make the sale.

4. Display Cases

Some stores can benefit from having their products in display cases. If you have fragile or expensive items, then using a display case will keep them safe while portraying to shoppers that these products hold a lot of value. This message is perceived as a desire for those who want what’s in the case.

5. Glorify Displays

Another way to promote desire is to use glorify displays. This tactic works well if you want to highlight a particular item in your store. This item is placed on a single display case or shelf and noticeably stands out from the rest of the products in the store.

Pick the Best Product Display for Your Store

Not all product display stands are for every type of store. Think about who your customer is and how they want to shop. It wouldn’t make sense to put products like clothing in a display case because most customers want to try them on.

You need to find a balance between how to make shopping enjoyable while being able to display your products in a marketable way.

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