Cute Poster Ideas for Making Your Brand Pop

People are bombarded by advertisements every day, especially considering the influx of online ad content. It may seem like online ads reign supreme when it comes to effective marketing, but that’s not true.

While online ads are more prevalent, it’s actually print marketing that has the advantage. Print marketing has a 70%-80% recall rate over digital ads.

Print marketing encompasses marketing mediums such as brochures, flyers, postcards, and posters. Posters can be a great marketing tool, especially for growing brands. The more eye-catching your poster is, the better.

Looking for cute poster ideas, you can use to help your brand stand out? Then keep reading below for more info.

Use Bold Colors

Bright and bold color is one of your greatest allies in creative poster design. But color goes beyond the scope of just making cute poster ideas. Not only can it help you attract attention, it can also help create brand awareness in those who see it.

Brand awareness relates to the familiarity consumers have with your brand. It’s important to establish good brand awareness so that your brand becomes as instantaneously recognizable as McDonald’s or Apple.

Color plays a big role in brand awareness. There is also a psychology associated with color that makes consumers feel certain emotions connected to your brand. Using your brand’s coloring on your poster design can increase brand awareness by 80% on average.

Choose Appropriate Font Style and Text Size

Font styles and text sizes are vitally important. Although you may want to go over the top implementing cute poster ideas like whimsical fonts, it is best to stay with just one or two legible font styles. These fonts should also be easy to read, especially from a distance.

And while you may want your font to be larger than life, don’t let the font overpower the whole poster design. Making a poster for your brand still needs to be done professionally. Anything that looks too amateurish can reflect poorly on your brand as a result.

Utilize On-Brand Illustrations and Graphics

With cute poster ideas, it can be tempting to go overboard with pictures and animations. But when it comes to your brand poster, you don’t want to just stick a bunch of random pictures or illustrations on your poster design either.

You want your brand poster to make an impact for all the right reasons. Catch attention with your illustrations and graphics, but do so in a meaningful way. Having images that relate to your brand helps consumers make the connection between your poster and your brand.

Add Appropriate Humor

Humor can be a great way to tap into cute poster ideas and get the right attention when it is done correctly. Be cautious not to veer off into unsavory territory like race, politics, or sexual humor. What may be funny to you may not be to the rest of the world.

That’s why puns are usually a safe bet. For instance, if your brand is a t-shirt company, you could have something like “Fits to a tee!” on your brand poster. Just make sure another brand isn’t already using your pun as a copyrighted slogan.

Print a Large Brand Poster

In marketing, bigger is better. The same can also be said for your brand poster. A larger poster will show off your brand’s graphics, colors, and logos better and let all of your cute poster ideas shine.

You’ll find that many custom print shops have large brand poster printing capabilities. For example, ADI Print Solutions is a great source for large poster printing in Boston or wherever you need a customer poster design.

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Cute poster ideas can help your brand stand out when they’re done correctly. Your poster design will help speak volumes about your brand and help you get the word out. Now that you know how to design a poster that will wow, you can get started on your brand poster today.

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