How to Select Packaging for Products: Everything You Need to Know

Research indicates that product packaging influences consumer buying behaviors.

Some companies know how to attract positive attention while others are getting lost in the crowd. Depending on how you present your products to consumers can determine if you’ll be successful. Product packaging plays an important role in retail, not only does it give a good first impression, but it also protects the items.

Keep reading to discover how you can select packaging for products that will improve your bottom line!

Identify Your Budget

Before you invest in anything, you need to have a clear understanding of your budget.

Small business loans can help you establish the company and invest in quality products. If you’re already managing loans, you need to determine how much you can spend on packaging.

Budgets often get categorized into marketing, labor, or materials. You can work with your accountant or financial consultant to select your budget. Without a budget, it’s difficult to see where the company is losing money.

Gather Product Dimensions

Without product dimensions, it’s hard to identify an accurate budget.

Before you start looking at packaging materials, you should have the dimensions and weights for all of your products. These details are essential if you are getting custom packaging or have to ship items to customers.

Packaging shouldn’t be too large, since this can increase shipping issues. If you plan on sending delicate, or unusual and bulky items, you need to compare costs for shipping companies. Certain companies specialize in transferring larger items while others will upcharge you.

Typically, dimensions are taken by engineers. If you don’t have an engineer nearby, you should at least have another person verify the values.

Consider Your Mission Statement

If your company is making efforts toward going green, you may want to stay away from plastic wrap.

Consider your company’s mission statement and image when you select your packaging materials. Recycled items and reusable containers are in high demand as consumers try to reduce their carbon footprint. Although glass and sustainable materials can cost more, consumers are willing to pay the additional costs.

Another example to integrate your mission is if you want user-friendly products that are available to a diverse crowd.

Make Your Packaging Pop

No matter what products you’re selling, they are likely to get lost among the competition.

Online businesses can be successful, but without the right packaging, consumers could be misled. Make your packaging pop by adding bright colors, unique designs, and bold graphics. Your product and brand image should influence the style of your packaging, you want all of it to be cohesive for customers.

Don’t be afraid to brainstorm and get creative with packaging designs. Whether you need to package food, beauty products, or auto accessories, you can use a level package to increase sales. Many customers buy products based on their appearance but don’t forget that what matters most is what’s on the inside.

Don’t Sacrifice Durability

Have you ever bought a product and before you could get to it, the packaging was already damaged?

If you don’t invest in durable packaging materials, it could impact your product’s performance and quality. You should look at each product individually since some items won’t need as much protection as others.

Investing in high-quality materials can also show customers that you care about their experience. You don’t want people pulling your products off the shelves, only for the inside items to fall through the cardboard and wrapping.

Save Time with Shipping

Whether you have a store location or not, you can’t forget about shipping times and expenses.

The type of packaging you use could impact your shipping needs and result in more expensive invoices. You can check this website for shipping boxes to ensure your items won’t be overweight or too bulky.

Clever packaging should be engaging, but if it isn’t practical, it could double your shipping costs. Work with your local shipping companies to identify which is the most suitable for the products you’re selling and how often you need to ship them.

You can also save time by shipping by ensuring your products are supported in their original packaging. If you’re worried about items breaking if they hit the ground, you’ll have to pay for foam and other fillers, which can increase your expenses.

Be Selective with Your Colors

If you want your products to stand out on the shelves, you need colorful packaging design ideas.

You can incorporate colors that are relevant to your industry, such as recycling companies using green and blue. Another way to determine the best packaging colors is by looking at your logo. Company colors can often be used in packaging materials.

According to color psychology, colors, and their many shades can evoke certain emotions and responses. Research the colors and discover what consumers associate with each shade.

It’s best to use colors on the interior packaging if your product is covered in protective film. Colored wraps and film can impact the readability of labels and stick with clear options in most cases.

Can You Select Packaging for Products That Works?

When you select packaging for products, you don’t want to rush and make a costly mistake.

Overlooking dimensions and practicality could cost you more than the money you invest. Customers want a pleasant experience from the moment they see your products until they get put to use. Use this guide to identify the different packaging materials your inventory needs.

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