5 Premium Electrical Contractor Services Your Company Should Offer

Are you a company that wants to stand out from the rest? You may want to consider offering premium electrical contractor services.

Customers will surely appreciate the extra care your team will show with top-notch customer service. Your company will surely be at the forefront! To achieve this, it helps for you to know what are the top services you must consider as premium add-ons.

Read on to learn some services your company can offer!

1. Indoor/Outdoor Lighting

A premium electrical contractor should provide quality electrical services in relation to indoor and outdoor lighting. The contractor should be well-versed in the latest technology in lighting. This may include knowledge of energy-efficient LED lighting. With this, they can offer their clients various options for modernizing their lighting.

2. IT Systems

IT systems have become an essential part of any business. As an electrical contractor, your company should offer premium services. This is to ensure the reliable and efficient operation of a client’s IT systems. These services should include the following:

  • assessment of equipment and installation
  • electrical wiring management
  • installation of power management systems
  • network installation

Additionally, preventive maintenance should be included. You may also consider electrical repairs and troubleshooting. You will be able to assure your clients that their IT systems are secure and reliable.

To ensure systems are in place, businesses may take advantage of solutions for job management for electrical contractors. This helps the business in streamlining operations.

3. Solar Energy Systems

Solar energy systems provide a renewable energy source to power homes and businesses. They are also cost-effective. Contractor services may include design and installation services. They may also monitor and provide maintenance services for solar energy systems.

Additionally, contractors might provide services related to the following:

  • system upgrades
  • addressing any potential issues
  • enhancing the system’s performance

This is especially beneficial for those looking to maximize their solar energy investment. Offering premium electrical contractor services related to these systems will make your company stand out in the industry.

4. Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers are an essential electrical safety system. They will trip and shut off the electricity to protect a circuit from faults, surges, and overloads. Offering these premium services gives customers access to the latest technology.

When installing circuit breakers, your company should use only the following:

  • certified product names
  • UL listings,
  • licenses technicians

Offering circuit breaker services provides an additional layer of safety. They can give assurance to customers. This is particularly to those who value state-of-the-art security and quality.

5. Generator Supply and Services

Generators provide an essential source of backup power. They must be supplied with certified knowledge and expertise. Your team should know the regulations and safety requirements associated with generators.

They should have extensive experience safely installing and servicing generators of various:

  • brands
  • sizes,
  • fuel sources

They should also be able to troubleshoot and repair problems. In addition, your technicians should be knowledgeable enough to advise on the best model for their clients’ budgets and site needs.

Check Out These Electrical Contractor Services

Your company should offer premium electrical contractor services. It is vital to satisfy customers and create new opportunities. Doing so can ensure more tremendous success and bring in new revenue streams.

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