11 Website Features to Have On an E-Commerce Website

The entire internet has over 26 million ecommerce stores.

Ecommerce is becoming more accessible than ever before. Customers can now shop on their phones, laptops, and even televisions with just a few taps of the screen or clicks of the mouse.

If you want to stand out, you need certain website features that will make your ecommerce store a hit. If you dont have these features, its likely that you wont get as many sales or conversions as you want.

If you are wondering what ecommerce features to have on a website, this short and simple guide is for you.

1. High-Quality Product Images

Product images are the first thing that your customers will see when they visit your website.

If you dont have high-quality product images, then it is unlikely that they will make a purchase. High-quality product images show off all the features of the product.

Having product images will also help you win over customers who are on the fence about buying from your ecommerce website.

2. Mobile Friendly

Mobile-friendly websites are the new standard for e-commerce.

Many people use their mobile devices to browse online, so it is important to have a website that works well on all devices. You can easily check if your site is mobile-friendly by using Googles Mobile-Friendly Test tool.

And if you need to build a mobile-friendly website, this Web Design Company will help.

3. Easy Checkout Process

One of the most frustrating parts of shopping online is dealing with a complicated checkout process.

If you want to increase sales and make your customers happy, then its important to have an easy and seamless checkout experience. Make sure that the process offers plenty of payment options and doesnt require users to provide a lot of information upfront.

The last thing you want to do is frustrate your customers and make them think twice about returning to your store.

4. A Shopping Cart

One of the most important features you can add to your website is a shopping cart.

This allows users to add items to their virtual shopping cart and view their total price and shipping costs. Then they can checkout at a later time if they wish.

Having an integrated shopping cart system on your site will help increase sales. It will allow customers to purchase more than one item at a time.

5. Search Box

A search box allows users to find what they are looking for on your site.

This can be as simple as a text field that has the words Search or Find in it. Or it can be more complex with options for filtering by price, color, brand, and more.

A search box is a great way to increase the number of time users spend on your site. It also helps you get more sales, as it makes it easier for customers to find what they are looking for.

6. Product Reviews and Ratings

Product reviews and ratings allow users to see what other customers thought of a product.

This can help decide whether to buy something. It also helps build trust between you and your customers by showing that they are happy with what they have purchased from you in the past.

Product ratings and reviews are especially useful for e-commerce sites. They help increase sales by reducing the amount of risk that customers feel when buying products online.

7. Live Chat Support

Live chat support is one of the most popular customer service tools.

Real-time conversations with customers can improve resolution time and increase satisfaction. Its also a great way to learn more about your customers and their needs.

You can use the information that you gather to improve your site and offer better products and services in the future.

8. Suitable Shipping Methods

Its important to make sure that your customers can get their products quickly. This will help ensure that theyre happy with their purchase and are more likely to buy again in the future.

You should make sure that you offer a wide variety of shipping methods so people can choose what works best for them. Make sure that your pricing is competitive and offer discounts if your customers buy multiple items at once.

9. Return Policy

A return policy is essential if you want to keep customers happy.

Make sure that your customers know they can get a refund or exchange if they are not satisfied with their purchase. They should also be clear about how long this will take.

You should also make sure that your returns policy clearly states the conditions for receiving a refund or exchange. This will help prevent any confusion or arguments if someone tries to return something that is not eligible.

10. Product Descriptions

Your product descriptions should be clear and concise.

They should include all the relevant details about your product, such as size, color, and material. You should also include any features that make your product stand out from other similar items.

Make sure that your product descriptions are free of errors and typos. This will make them easier to understand and will help prevent any confusion.

11. Order Tracking

You should provide your customers with the ability to track their orders.

You can do this by providing them with a tracking number. Or using an online system that does it automatically when the order ships.

Include an estimated arrival date for each order. This can help your customers plan, which is especially important if they need to know when something will arrive.

These Website Features Will Help Your Business Tremendously

These website features will make your ecommerce store successful. They will help you increase your sales by providing a great user experience.

They will also help you build your brand and create a lasting impression on your customers.

The best part is that these features are easy to implement. You can do it yourself or hire a web designer to get the job done in no time.

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